5 things to consider when choosing a web designer

5 things to consider when choosing a web designer

The need for web designers have increased as more and more people are wanting to have their own website without having to design it themselves. But with so many options out there, what are some of the things to look out for when choosing a web designer or web design company? Here are 5 things to consider:

  • Social Media Credibility of the designer or company. If you are contemplating going with a web designer by info you found online, then look at all the social options where he or she could be available on. Do they have a Facebook page? What type of content are they posted on their page? Is it relevant information or just posts demanding or asking people to get a website? A true web designer does not beg clients for websites. Why? Because they are too busy with their existing clientele. Their social media posts aren’t just about getting a website, but of relevant related information technology posts which could be beneficial to their fans who took the time to like their page.


  • Their own website should be posh and higher than standard. Do you really want to work with, or have a designer create your website if they themselves do not have one? Or if their website is a bit shabby? I thought not. To a web designer, their website is their pride, the face of their work and above all, an example of their capabilities. If a designer has a clean website, is decently priced and you can see that a lot of work has gone into their site, then they are probably worth the effort. You would want their hands to design your website right?


  • Cost of their work. Some designers put in a lot of effort and work for the bread and butter of their family. So if a website is great, don’t try to knock them down with the price, either take it, or ask them if they can design anything within your price range. If designers are way too expensive, they don’t get back to you timeously and aren’t willing to assist you, then don’t waste your time. Also, if designs are too cheap, then think again. While it is great to find a bargain on your website but never on the expense of it looking horrible. Sometimes, you can find good deals, or designers might have monthly specialised where you could get lucky from. View our web design specials on Maruti Media


  • Firmness and attitude. Credible professionals, not just web designers, are known to be firm but cheerful and helpful to clients. If a person is shaky and unsure about things, how would he or she help your business? Also if a person is unfriendly or just wants to make a sale, then they probably aren’t good for you. Don’t get me wrong, sales are very important for all businesses to grow and prosper and people who don’t actually want a website shouldn’t waste the designer’s time and efforts. But their attitude makes a huge difference in whether you should design with them or not.


  • Payments. Most of the time a 50% of the payment cost is done before any work begins and the balance is due on completion of the site. This is a normal and expected process in web design because the process to create the site, from purchasing the domain name to all the other elements of design is very important. And designers need to protect themselves from people who want all the bells and whistles but avoid payment. Some designers might ask for the full payment upfront, and again that is normal but it also depends on the credibility of the designer. If he or she is not legit or is only after the money, it is best not to design with them. And what about designers who run away with your money or don’t produce the work promised upon payment? These fly by night companies or freelancers give designers a bad name and it is best to be aware of the top pointers I had mentioned above to help steer away from these people. But to be frank, in such cases, designers can only do that if all the monies are paid up before their work begins. So it is best to find a legit designer who has payment options for you. Maruti Media works on 50% payment before commencement and the remainder after the website is completed.