Choosing the correct domain name

Choosing the correct domain name



So you are considering getting a dedicated website and are looking at domain names. The most popular domain is .com which is used worldwide but more especially in the United States. While is more dominate in the United Kingdom and .in is the dedicated domain for India. In South Africa is most popular with also becoming popular with local organisations.

.biz domains are especially for business sites which don’t necessarily state a geographical location and .info is dedicated for informational sites and .org for organisational websites.

So which is right for you? Well firstly the domain name itself should pertain to you, your business or company or product. For example, if you have a little home business selling freshly made cakes and baked goods, then your domain should be something like or if you are a South African business owner who owns a florist called Graceful Flowers then a domain like would be good because your advertising is already in the name and the at the end of your domain indicates that your business is from South Africa.

What happens if the domain name you wanted has been taken? With the amount of domains register daily, it is possible that a domain which you might fancy has already been taken. So what can be done? If a person desperately wants the domain name, sometimes they track down the person who owns that website and makes them a cash offer to buy it. This can be quiet an expensive process. Alternatively finding a similar domain name is possible.

Remember it is best to keep domain names short and catchy instead of long and difficult for clients to remember.