Do I really need a website when I have social media presence?

Do I really need a website when I have social media presence?

Do I need a website?

With the upsize of social media accounts, connectivity and advertising to potential clients on social platforms, has never been easier. These days promoting your work online with just a few bucks to spare on advertising can boost your sales multi fold. Social media advertising on various mediums is a must whether you are a business owner, freelancer or social personality.

So with the advent of social media increasing, does that mean that websites are on a decline or are unnecessary? Although it may seem that way, but on the contrary, this is the best time ever to have a website. This is because social media pages and content help to drive potential clients to your website. Social media and websites complement each other.

If you remember some years back before social media took the reins of the internet, people who had websites had to almost literally drag people to visit their sites. Also, the price of web design a few years back was rather costly compared to now.

So while social media presence is great to connect and advertise your products, services or even just promote you as a personality, it works to grab the attention of your viewers, and direct them to your website where all the finer details are displayed. Having a website also shows authenticity of your business. This is because legit companies will take the time to have a dedicated website to showcase their work, projects, services etc. It is therefore needless to say that when choosing a design or web designer to create your website, certain things should be taken into consideration. For example, the site theme or look should be clean, clear fronts and easy to read details. Contact details with links to your social media sites and Google maps are also important.