Get with the times! Marketing techniques for 2017

Get with the times! Marketing techniques for 2017

The past decade has seen a drastic increase in marketing dynamics. Making online media advertising the driving force behind capital growth, brand awareness and interactivity between consumers and business. But with the growing technological developments with online media, what new marketing techniques can companies adopt in 2017?

While the first half of the decade, from 2007 to 2012 has been the introduction to ads, campaigns and brand establishment to consumers online, the years 2013 to 2016 have seen major changes with target marketing and attracting potential consumers based on their personal preferences.


In 2017 we can expect some variations to online marketing techniques which should prove beneficial for both businesses and audiences.  These include:

  • Strategic headline ads. Online communities have become somewhat immune to the influx of advertisements. People take in so much more information in just one minute by a single scroll on social media than ever before. This means skimming through articles, reading just main bits of posts and reposting content just by reading the headline. That means article topics and blurb should convey 90 percent of the entire story. Each word counts!


  • In 2017 we can expect further personalised marketing. Many social media platforms gives online advertisers the opportunity to target audiences based on their likes, demographics and preferences. This gives businesses the opportunity to advertise direct to their target market and save money as well. But in 2017 we see a change in the dynamics of target marketing. Ads that are broadcast on the screens of billions of online users will also be dependent on people they follow, pages they like, hashtags they use and things they search for.


  • A further development of online ads and awareness is the increasing use of live video. Companies like Facebook have made it so simple to “go live” allow people to view live events, in real time through the platform. This gives users an “in the moment experience” in the comfort of their own space. Live video and video clip posting is also possible on platforms like Instagram and proves as great way to get the attention of your followers and consumers by creating visualising pleasing content. Video clips also remove the issue of lazy readers whose eyes are too tired to read another post.


  • Another trend for 2017 is user productivity. Users spend so much of their time online but this comes with the mind-set of “I am doing something amazing online”, rather than, “I spend 5 hours just looking at my screen.”

So it is important to give users a productive experience, such that they learn something new and useful in the time that they have starred at the screen. Create short interactive and innovative videos and vlogs to promote your business and entertain users. If you are an expert in a certain field, create mini seminars which people can attend online, free of charge or create short infographics which are interesting and also promote your company and post them on your social media channels.

So these are a few trends companies can adopt in the 2017 year ahead. Be sure so look out for our further articles as more trends and tips are posted throughout the year!

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