Paid sites verse free websites

Paid sites verse free websites



Many host companies are offering websites which are easy to build, ready in a few minutes and free of charge. This sounds amazing, so what’s in it for them? Well most free websites come with custom ads on the free sites. That means that while you are promoting your work on your free site, paid advertisers to the host company who is providing you with the free website, is actually advertising on your site and reaching out to your viewers who visit your site. Some hosting companies have moved away from this and attractively state that no third party ads will be displayed on your free website. But the thing with this; is that a no ads free website sometimes comes with a clause that it is free for a few months then you have to buy the full website plan or that you have to have a certain number of viewers to your site per month to keep it up.

Either way, free websites are great; they are cool and allow for students, beginner bloggers or people with an interest in online content marketing to have a go at.

free vs paid

Free websites, however, are not suitable for businesses or professionals. This is because every ad, every social media platform you are on and every web presence that you have, should positively reflect on you. So whether you have a business, or are promoting yourself as a freelancer, your website speaks of your credibility and reputation. So when you show people that you have a free website, but charge a dime and dollar for your services, it says that you actually cannot afford a website and therefore business must be doing slow, which indicates that you are not popular or are not doing well in the business world. These tiny details of these above mentioned things stir in the minds of potential clients and that is how you could lose business. Another reason for professional to not consider free websites is the fact that with a free site, you get the option to get a free domain. This is a sub domain of the hosting company’s domain name and does not look great when promoting your website. For example instead of your free sub domain would be something like not very elegant is it?

When a person has his or her own dedicated website, they are saying that they have went a step further from social pages, free webpages and have either created their website or got someone to do so.