What is web hosting? The basics

What is web hosting? The basics



Web hosting is a service provided by website host companies which store and project your website onto the World Wide Web. These companies offer hosting packages which vary on disk space, monthly bandwidth, domain set up and registration and much more.

Disk space is basically an allocated amount of space which the host company gives to the web client to store the content (images, videos and content) on the site as well as the space for each email address. This is why email addresses which pertain to the domain address of the website should be cleaned out as often as possible so to not take up too much of the allocated disk space available to you.

Your domain name is basically the address which you type into your internet browser and directs you to your website, for example www.yourname.com is a domain name.

When buying web hosting there are monthly and annual purchase options. Some prefer to pay monthly for their hosting, but I prefer the annual option. This is because if you know your site needs to be live for 12 months, or more or for the duration of your business which is more than 12 months, then annual hosting is a better option. Annual hosting can also be cheaper than month to month and it also ensures you that you don’t have to remember to make payments every month or your website will be down.

When is monthly hosting a better option? Web hosting isn’t very costly, but if for some reason, annual hosting isn’t cost effective, then monthly hosting is also an option. This option is great for websites who are advertising for a certain event or show which is coming up within the next few months and isn’t needed thereafter.

When choosing web hosting it is always good to shop around, look for hosts which provide you with support and has good reviews online. If you are designing your website through a web designer they might include web hosting on your package; which would be of great help to you. Just remember to ask about the hosting options on your account and get your hosting details. In some cases your web designer might also be your web host, in which case he or she should happily give you all the details of your hosting account as well as your log in details.

If you are hosting through a web designer, it is best to not play around with the log in details of your hosting account because a lot of time and effort goes into designing accounts and one click of a wrong button can alter your website.